lovely things i already have.

i always read blog entries about things people want.  i thoroughly enjoy them but they evoke in me this deep inner yearning to Buy Things immediately. but then when i realise i don't have the money to Buy Things i get sad.  so i thought, in the spirit of one of my new year's resolutions (#8 love the things i already have) i thought i could start writing about some nice things i can already call my own).

my piglet mug.
my lovely boyfriend bought this mug for me from our grocery store just after we moved to the city.  it has warmed my tummy with yummy tea in good times and bad.  today i am drinking rosella tea that i bought in bali.  it's made of flowers!  two flowers per cup of tea does the trick. :)

these japanese bath things.
everything the japanese make is beautiful.  including bath related products.  i love the simple designs and packaging.  i bought about a million of them when i was there last year, but i am doing that thing where you save things forever because they are too special and then you die with hundreds of pretty candles and soaps and things in your cupboard and you never really lived and are plagued with regret. okay i may have exaggerated.  but we have a tiny dingy bath and i think they are too precious to put in there.  luckily we are moving to a beautiful big house (more on that later i'm sure) with a big white bath so i will have plenty of opportunities for long, japanese flavoured baths.

my 2013 diary.
i bought this from kikki-k about a month ago because i knew i was about to sink into financial dire straits and wanted to grab a lovely diary before it was too late.  questionable logic, yes, but i am very glad for it, because now i can stare at this beautiful thing every day! i was a bit unsure about it because the days run across the pages instead of down, which is weird, but i'm used to it now and am quite the fan.

clinique chubby sticks.
i love chubby sticks because they are rather fun. it's kind of like drawing your lipstick on with a crayon. they come in lovely colours, beautiful packaging and make my lips really soft.  i have 05 chunky cherry for when i am feeling fancy and 04 mega melon for day-to-day wears.

so there you go.  it's really not so bad being me. this has actually decreased my desire to Buy Things quite a bit, and i think i will pay a bit more attention to the things i already have after thinking about them, photographing them and writing about them.  do you ever stop and notice the lovely little things you already have?  i would highly recommend it.

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2 Responses to lovely things i already have.

  1. I love this! This post is so wonderful... there are SO many wish list posts and it's nice to see one that's acknowledging what we already do have. Makes me wonder what I could post about..

  2. Thanks Brittany! I am glad you enjoyed it and can think about some lovely things you already have. :) I am seeing them everywhere now!



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