well here we are then.  i am a training psychologist in my early 20s. it's lovely to meet you!  welcome to my new blog, a very small animal.  here i would like to spend some time writing about things i like and what's going on in my life.  2012 was a very busy year for me, my busiest yet in fact, and i felt quite overwhelmed at the extent to which my studies really consumed my time and my mind.  i would like this to be a place where i can be a bit creative, talk about whatever comes to mind and have a break from thinking about my study, work and worries.

when i'm not thinking about therapy, writing about therapy, doing therapy or having therapy done to me, i like reading other blogs, watching tv shows (my favourite at the moment is girls), spending time with my friends and my lovely boyfriend, cooking and baking, and perhaps, if i'm feeling particularly awesome on a particular day, doing a bit of exercise.  i enjoy all things fancy - not necessarily expensive, but things that are well made and intricate and put together with thought and love.  i also love to travel, and hope to travel overseas every year until i die.  it really is one of my Favourite Things To Do.

i completed my four year undergraduate degree in 2011 and was lucky enough to be accepted into a clinical psychology postgraduate degree in 2012, which turned out to be the busiest, most stressful, incredible year of my life.  i feel with this profession as though i am where i should be, doing what i am supposed to do.  it's as though my soul was created as a puzzle piece of a certain shape and colour and i have found the part of the puzzle where i can snap perfectly into place.

having said this, i have never been quite so tired, anxious and worried as i have been since i began.  although i wake up in the morning and put on my lovely therapist clothes and lovely therapist make up and go and sit in rooms with people and make thoughtful therapist faces and saying clever therapist things, i feel as though i am running flat out to give the impression that what i am doing is effortless.  in this way i identify strongly with the character of piglet from a.a. milne's winnie the pooh books.  i feel quite like a Very Small Animal who is trying to be very brave to do what needs to be done.  i don't think anyone i know would see me this way, as i'm quite good at being brave you know, but i imagine that others often feel this way as well.  do you ever feel like a Very Small Animal?

i'm not sure what i will write about here, just things probably.  i think it will just be nice to have a place in which to be a Very Small Animal.  i hope someone, maybe you, might enjoy reading it also.

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2 Responses to hello!

  1. hello! and welcome to blogging :)

    i would love to know what profession i want to go into like you do (and have done)!
    i love the idea behind your blog's name - a blog is the perfect place to be your inner very small animal imo.

  2. thanks! i feel so lucky to have found the job that's right for me - it makes all the stress and worry much easier to manage. i'm glad you like the name! it's a hard thing to think up! how did you come up with the rosy freckle?



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